Feng Shui your Office..!

 7. Tips on how to improve your Office with Feng Shui?

Did you know working in an office, counts for more than one-third of our time? We spent at least 8 hours a day in our office or workplace. Most of the time, we have been assigned to a certain space or desk in an office working environment. The work we do each day counts towards our performance. How can we perform if we do not balance the environment we are working in. Unfortunately, we do have little or no influence on our desk position or where we sit. Unless you are a Top paid manager or you work in the upper Management then you are able to choose your Office and arrange to suit you best.


Office Space is getting more and more expensive, to make an office affordable offices today have cubicles and we sit in a very close space together. There is not much room to chose where you want to sit or where your desk is placed. Have you actually thought about even the smallest office space correctly organised and arranged can improve your working environment? 



Here are a few tips, to avoid confrontation with Colleagues and misunderstanding. The competition these days is harsh and we can not always avoid conflicts and arguments. Small problems can easily get out of hand, start to bother and working than becomes a real hassle.

Here are a few tips on Dos and Dont’s in a working environment.

1.Move away or eliminate any sharp objects.

2.Do not sit with your back in front of a bookshelf. If you do then have doors on the shelves or cover the books and files.The reason is the books or files pointing at your back acting like sharp knives.

3.Don’t sit with your back to the Door or Window. If you do cover the window with Curtains or Blinds never leave it uncovered. If you sit with your back to the door then use a mirror and put it into a position where you can see who enters the door and approaches you from the back.

One other reason is sitting with your back to the door means you have no support. A colleague can literally be backstabbed you any time over a promotion, salary increase etc.

4. Never sit directly in front of the office door. If you have to sit at an angle, so you can see who enters the door and who is coming towards you.

5.In Feng Shui you have 4 good major directions, sit at least in one of your good direction. You will be surprised how productive you can be sitting in the right direction what enhances your work and energy, instead of draining you the last spark of energy. Have you seen people who work 10 to 12 hours and more a day and still they go nowhere in their career. Place them in a different Direction you can see how quickly they become more productive.

6. Don’t stack your desk with files over files keep your desk clean and organised.

7.Place some objects, on your desk that trigger beautiful memories coming from your heart, when you are stressed or feel pressured. Looking at familiar objects triggers memories and will improve the mood.

We as human are the same as plants if you are in the wrong direction it will drain your energy instead of enhancing your energy to make you as efficient as possible.

If you want to know your four good and four bad directions, sent me a mail and I will send them to you. All I need is your Birthdate, I will also send you a small surprise. I hope you enjoyed this article feel free to comment.

all the best and have a nice day



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