The 5 elements in Feng Shui

Unlock the secret of the 5 Elements …

The 5 elements are associated with the symbolic Feng Shui and unlock many secrets . It is important to know the cycles in and out , and know the attributes of each element. To create a beautiful environment inside and outside of a home is vital for good Feng Shui . 

Five Elements
Feng Shui and the five Elements

1.Productive Cycle : WoodFireEarthMetalWater-(all elements in harmony )

Destructive Cylce: WaterFire MetalWood Earth ( elements are out of control )

Weakening Cycle : WoodWaterMetalEarthFire ( elements are unbalanced)

The Fire element is associated with the south direction. The south stands for Fame ,  Success and Recognition to Residents .Lights in the south are a great feature for that part. People born in the year of the horse and snake have a affinity with the fire element. Colors are red, orange ,pink , are great color for the fire element. 

The Water element is associated with the north direction. Anything placed into the North will activate the energy of water. Dark blue , blue and black represent the North. Introducing a nice clean water feature in the North is a excellent Idea and it favors the career. Installing a fish tank brings beautiful yang energy into a home. Make sure it is kept clean. People born in a rat year favor this direction. 

The Wood element is belong to the east . It is also the element of the south east . We differentiate between small wood for the south east and big wood for the east. People born in the Tiger and Rabbit year are associated with this element. Activating this corner of the house with plants big and small is a excellent idea. Make sure the smaller green plants you put into the south east and the taller plants put into the east. A no can do is plants with sharp thorns and pointed leaves. 

The Earth element  is belong to the center of a House . The south west (big earth ) and the north east ( small earth) . Strengthen this 3 parts of a home , will bring great Harmony and good fortune for the people who live in the home. Use earth colors and earth objects to enhance those areas. I put crystals into the north east it helps kids to study better and those crystals are beautiful earth enhancers. Monkey and goat are associated with the south west . 

The Metal element is belong to the north west and west . The metal element is a powerful element and has to be in Harmony with the other elements . Metal is associated with Coins , Gold and Silver. Place metal objects in that part of the house , and they enhance beautiful the direction of the north west and west . People born in the year of the Rooster , pig and dog are associated with that direction . The best object to use for the North west is the Chinese coin round with a square in the middle . That coin symbolizes heaven and earth . 

The Tai Chi symbol represents the relationship of the yin and yang interaction with the universe.Each element can be either yin or yang. I can not stress enough to know your elements and their attributes in creating a harmonize home . In Ba Zhi (also called Four Pillar) the elements are divided into yin and yang and heavenly stems and earthly stems. This helps to determine the Destiny of a person.

Yin and yang
Symbol of Yin and Yang

Feng Shui is a kind of science , and goes with the flow of our environment.  If we interfere to much the environment will penalize us with earth disasters. I am sure a lot of people do not believe this , but all earth slides for examples  are caused by cutting down on trees , and it is very normal to understand that before the roots of the tree’s were holding the earth in place , when taking them away or cutting them down to make furniture or what ever the earth is lose and eventually with big rains it will create  earth slide’s. The same is for rivers … why are most rivers not straight , why are they have bend’s in it . Very simple to slow down the water stream . Nature has created Mother Earth with thoughts and with Science. Back to the River , if we make those bend’s straight to transport the wood or to make the water flow faster … think about what eventually will happen . 

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Feng Shui what is it really?

We can say Feng Shui is a combination of Architecture, Town Planing ,Interior Decorating , and Environmental Improvements.  Feng Shui emphasizes a great Deal on site orientation, solar orientation , water orientation, money and health. There are 3 parts what make a good Feng Shui . Health … Wealth … Happiness. 

What is Feng Shui not !

-Feng Shui  is not a new age trend but there is new age fashion .

-Feng Shui is not a Religion or a Cult .

-Feng Shui is not the latest  Fashion Trend or Gig , but it is in Fashion

History of Feng Shui 

Feng Shui -and-Landscape
Feng Shui and Landscape, a balanced Garden

Feng Shui also named as “Wind and Water” or “living in harmony with nature” .  The theory comes from the Taoist and Ruist philosophies who dominated China for thousand of years.  These philosophies say that we are part of the Universe we live in . Mankind should respect  Mother Earth and act in accordance with Heaven. We should protect the Environment and cherish it,not destroy it. The Trinity of our being is Heaven …… Man ….. Earth …….! Those Elements will have a impact on us . Wherever we believe it or not . In the earliest years  they called it Heaven luck , Man luck , and Earth luck. Translated into our terms it means Time …. Space … Action ….

Do you know the saying … Being in the right place at the right time ?

·  Time element is when the person was born .(1948 or any year) 

– The space element is the place where the person was born . ( USA , Germany , France , Vietnam , Singapore … and so on )

– The element of action is what you are and what you become. If a  Man does the right thing at the right time and the right place he will be fortunate. Otherwise , man will encounter hardship. 

small child meditating
QI or Chi we call it energy

QI  ( Chi ) is a word , what is used many times in Feng Shui . Sha QI ( Chi) is another word use in combination with QI . (Chi) . Mass and Energy are interchangeable , Qi ( Chi ) can be visible or partially invisible , it and also be felt like a vibration. Qi ( Chi ) has been categorized into 5 types of Qi ( Chi) . Each Type has a different Quality.

Dragon are prosperous
Dragon Qi ( Chi ) is very powerful in Feng Shui also called the dragon breath 

 The five Elements 

  1. Wood ,

    The five elements
    Wood , Fire, Earth , Metal , Water
  2.  Fire ,
  3.  Earth ,
  4.  Metal ,
  5. Water , 

Each Element is determent by Time , Position , and Location. It can be validated through physics. mathematics , astronomy and geography. The distribution of the Qi can be affected by its surroundings and forms . Through the mathematical formulas various combinations can be determined. With the new technologies Feng Shui was introduced to the west in a simple system . The system albeit simple is of course less effective than the real system . In this age we have to make adjustments to our living condition and living environment. Feng Shui has evolved into the new lifestyle . Done correctly Feng Shui is a great ancient knowledge to arrange your Environment and surroundings. 

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