Aspects of Feng Shui

Different Aspects of Feng Shui

622821_lowThere are also two aspects to Feng Shui.

One is remedial and problem-solving while the other is preventative, although the application and the approach of these two aspects are quiet different.

Remedial Feng Shui

If you have identified a problem in your life, remedial Feng Shui can be used to help you solve it. In this case, most people do not want their home disrupted or to spend a great deal of time for, and on the remedies. For some the remedies may work wonders, as these cures can be strengthened through the power of positive thoughts. The remedies are relatively simple and designed to help you improve various aspects of your life, but will not be suitable or totally effective for everyone.

Preventative Feng Shui

348427_lowIf you have identified a problem in your home, preventative Feng Shui is applied when you make the decision you want to renovate or redecorate your home. The idea behind this type of Feng Shui is that if you are going to make significant changes to your home it will also be a great opportunity to improve the Energies, read atmosphere.

Many of the Feng Shui considerations will not add any cost to the project and should be able to help you make more informed choices on the colors, materials and shapes that you are going to use. In addition, these considerations will provide valuable information on Interior Design and on how to arrange your furniture, i.e. the special layout.

Feng Shui for the home deals with one room at a time and includes projects for specific parts of the home, as well as suggestions for more profound changes. Preventative Feng Shui has an element which takes time into consideration, i.e. gives indications as to the length of time a certain recommendation could take to have the desired effect.

Obviously these recommendations are only a guide, as much will depend on the size of your home and how easy or difficult the changes are to be implemented. However, it is advisable to take your time between the changes, so that you can see how you “feel” after the change before moving on to the next one.

Feng Shui is a bit like cooking, if you implement changes with a good frame of mind the result will feel good, in case you feel stressed and or negative leave the changes for another day. Picking the right time in making the commitment to do the project and doing it with a positive frame of mind will normally result in a good quality of chi energy and harmonized atmosphere.

Everything needs to be balanced. It is like Day and Night. One can not exist without the other. Energy is called Chi. The Quality of Chi can be differentiated in several Types: – fast flowing chi – harmonious Chi – slow moving chi – or harmful chi for example.

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