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Chinese Astrology Four Pillar / Destiny Analysis

Chinese AstrologyChinese Astrology is a highly developed and accurate Chinese science that has throughout Chinese history, proven to be presciently precise.

Chinese astrology is  an accurate and highly developed system  of individual fortune telling based on the date of birth. The system is called Chinese Astrology , as a person’s date of birth contains normally four basic items of Information. Year pillar , Month pillar , day pillar and the hour pillar.

A reading can also be done if the client does not know his hour of birth , but it will not be so accurate. In Chinese Metaphysics everything is composed of the five (5) basic Elements , water , wood , fire , earth , metal.

It is believed that these elements are the basic components of all matters in the Universe, including our lives and our destiny. These elements are not chaotic, they are constantly interacting with one another according to a Cycle of Birth and a Cycle of Destruction.

For example:
Water gives life to wood, and the wood will feed the fire, the firewill create the ashes = earthearth gives birth to metal, and metal becomes like water when it melts.


To do a reading , you will have to provide the following

Date of Birth
Time of Birth
Place of Birth

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