Boost your Energy level and feel great !

Hi, when you come to this page you are properly looking for a way to increase your energy!

You come to the right place, we will help you to work on yourself to improve your energy levels.

Here are a few bullet points what we can not do …

a. we can not give you a new body.

b. we can not do miracles and be knowing that raising your Energy level needs time.

c. we do not perform miracles, we help you to improve yourself and help you to eliminate Energy leaks. 

Get Started …

Most of us feel sluggish in the mid-afternoon, struggle to keep the mind alert after lunch or coffee break struggling with adrenal fatigue, or in just simple plain words feeling exhausted and tired.  Well, I would suggest don’t let it go on for too long, it is time to change.  There are many ways to banish tiredness, feeling drained and exhausted. 

We start with some Basics …

Start to skip the extra Caffeine from Coffee, Tea and Coke. I know it is not easy but try it out you will be surprised.  Only two things can happen, you will feel great and slowly increase your energy level, or you feel moody missing your Caffeine.  If you feel moody it will go away in two to three days. Don’t worry your Body just detoxes There are quite a few inexpensive ways to boost and light up your energy levels. Nature created naturally ” Energy Drinks “ for our use. increase your energy level

Some of the most common causes for low Energy levels 

  • Stress is a big factor in feeling drained and exhausted.
  • Processed food with all the artificial flavours and chemicals.
  • Smoking, Alcohol and Caffeine ( taken in moderation it is ok ) 
  • Sugar that increases the Energy Level and let it drop down quickly.
  • Being overworked, reduce your workload to free up your day.
  • Lack of sleep, not sleeping properly or having insomnia is a real problem, in the long run, it will put strains on your body and eventually you will get sick.
  • Not having enough fresh Air. Fresh Air is vital to a proper function Body. 
  • Lack of water being dehydrated, 
  • not enough movement, or exercise 
  • Lack of vitamins in your diet
  • Menopause
  • the list can go on ………..increase your energy

How can you eliminate the low levels of Energy and boost them to your advantage?

  • Green smoothies are a great replacement for snacks. You can mix the green smoothies with fruits they will make a great combination in taste and colours. 
  • Proper sleep adjust your sleep pattern. Sleeping before midnight is the best sleep. To have a better sleep watch out that you have 3 hours in between your last meal.
  • Breathe deeply each day through the nose in, and through the mouth out. Create an exercise relax breathing. This way more Oxygen goes into the blood cells, therefore, your body is more aligned. 
  • If you thinking of doing exercise,  start a 10 min routine each morning, whereby you cleanse all the chakras. Slowly you can increase the exercise if you feel like it. If you are not an exercise person then move your body daily. Walking is a good movement.
  • Take some Vitamins, especially Vitamin B. We lack Vitamin B as we work inside and not outside. Vitamin B is an essential Vitamin that our Body needs to function properly. It also guides our Skin it determines your skin looks tired or fresh with a healthy glow.
  • Do a proper Aura cleaning on your Aura, I know it sounds funny for people what are not familiar. But see it from this side each day you meet and interact with many people, some are happy and some are frustrated and unhappy. All this Energy will be thrown onto and into your Aura and stays there until you cleanse it.  I use the Aura cleansing Meditation from Sarah Hall. Available on youtube for free. 
  • Do a regular detox of your Body, that includes a proper colon cleanse. Eat more fibre. 
  • Avoid smoking and excessive drinking.
  • De – stress yourself. It is no help if you are focused on your past or worry about the past your stress level will skyrocket. Think about your future and now, be grateful for what you have, give thanks for the good things in life. Stress is an instant drain in a real big term. Remind yourself of happy moments and align your heart and mind. If you practise this, your Energy level will constantly build up.
  • Essential Oils are a great way to stimulate the mind and body. Peppermint oil is a great way to increase focus.Aroma Therapy is a great and refreshing solution to stimulate and increase oxygen to the brain. You can also use them in a  steam diffuser to freshen the Air in the office. Otherwise, put a few drops on your wrist in the morning after your shower.  You will enjoy the benefits throughout the day.  My favourite pick me up through the day remedy is ………..Place one drop in the palm of the hand with one drop Wild Orange and one drop Frankincense and inhale for a mid-day pick-me-up.Aromatic Oils Essential oils


Please, I love some feedback, on how you increase your energy. Increasing the Energy each Day and keeping it up is not as easy as it sounds. The older we get the more difficult it will be. Does it really or is this just a perception of things.

Have a nice day and enjoy reading

warm regards


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