622057_lowJust as Feng Shui is already very popular in Asia it is getting more and more popular in the West.  Today Feng Shui information and expertise is available to everyone.  Banks, Office Buildings, Hotels, Apartments, Private Houses, and even several communities in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Europe and USA have been planned according to Feng Shui.Not only people with a Chinese cultural background use Feng Shui to improve their Business, a lot of Western Companies and Individuals are using it these days.

Feng Shui can be applied in many ways for example, within existing buildings, to choose a site for the construction of a House, Condo, Apartment Complex, Office Complex, Hotel, Factory, Kindergarten, School, Hospital, Church and so much more.

External Considerations

240137_lowConstruction and architectural features of the buildings ,doors and entrance,landscape (plants, paths, walk ways, water feature locations etc)

Internal Considerations

419370_lowInterior Designs

Deciding the location of the rooms (bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, study/office, meeting room, staff quarters and office space, canteen etc.)

The placement and style of furniture and decoration schemes
Colours, plants, water features, etc.

By creating a more pleasing atmosphere, feng shui has been credited with improving family communication, improving health & wealth conditions, helping to get children interested in study, restoring employee cooperation, increasing sales and staff performance, keeping someone one step ahead of their competitors, and so on.

When to use Feng Shui?

I want to give you just a few examples.

When you:

  • Renovate your House or Apartment
  • Open a new shop or a business
  • Plan to move to a new location (House or Apartment, even a new City)
  • Move your internal office location, or move to another office building
  • Face job instability, and/or are seeking employment
  • Want a promotion, were passed over for a promotion
  • Start a new business, or a new career
  • Have health problem
  • Quarrel with your spouse, or children more than usual
  • Are not sleeping well
  • Your child or children are performing poorly in school
  • Realise a family member is not feeling so comfortable at home
  • Lose control of your temper frequently
  • Can not conceive children (when both partners are healthy)
  • Are searching for the right partner for a lasting relationship, or to marry and many more
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