Feng Shui Private

Feng Shui Consultation for an Individual

IndividualEvery Feng Shui consultation is unique. Mention is made below of components that might be covered in a standard evaluation. A quotation will be sent to you in which is set out the work that is included in an evaluation of your property and the occupants of the house or building. Feng Shui can be done on a existing House, Apartment building or Condo.

Basic components of a consultation

  • Selecting a prosperous site or location for building a house
  • Selecting the best orientation for building a house to achieve maximum prosperity
  • Selecting the best unit within a House , Apartment building, or Condo
  • Interior design for allocation of various functions – such as bedroom, living room, study, kitchen, toilet, placement of furniture, etc.
  • Selection of appropriate rooms for different members of the family.
  • Selection of appropriate color and decorative objects for each location
  • Continuous maintenance to ensure long term prosperity
  • As a tool for forecasting cyclical changes in prosperit

A full and complete Feng Shui analysis of an apartment involves a careful on the spot inspection, measurement of dimension and direction, and consultation with the occupants regarding their fortunes as reflected by their birth data. It requires detailed study of the physical environment, interior layout as well as fortune analysis of the people living in the environment. As such, it is difficult to provide remote feng shui services without site visit. However, it is possible to provide a professional opinion on a house without a site inspection, provided that the following information is available:

  • 1. A detailed sketch of the building showing its main entrance and main objects in its surroundings.
  • 2. The approximate year of completion of construction of such building.
  • 3. A floor plan of the apartment or unit within the building, showing the approximate compass directions
  • 4. Accurate measurement of the direction of the FRONT of the building, accurate to the nearest degree.


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