History of Feng Shui

Feng Shui and Business

Dragon_xFeng Shui, meaning wind and water, is an ancient body of knowledge, the origins of which are said to have begun about 4000-6000 years BC. Feng Shui teaches about the environment and the art of designing a home for the success of the occupants. It represents several thousand years of accumulated experience and observation by ancient civilizations as it relates to finding a good dwelling. Feng Shui was kept a Royal secret when China was under Imperial rule. During that period Feng Shui was a secret known only to a handful of astronomers and scientists. Their Duty was to maintain the health, wealth and power of the Court. Imperial palaces and cities where planned according to Feng Shui, which became a principle of Chinese architecture.

Different Styles of Feng Shui

gloseStyles popular in the West and getting more popular in Asia now are the Eight Mansion, Flying Star and Three Gate methods. The Eight Mansion and Flying Star methods all use a compass as the basis for deciding how the energy in each part of a building will influence its occupants. In these methods, the earth’s magnetic field, the sun’s solar energy, and the influence of the planetc are all thought to have the greatest effect on the way energy flows through a building.

Traditional Feng Shui is a complex Science. It will take all the aspects of the site, Building itself, landforms together with the outside surrounding of the building, time and space, the inside of the building including the Interior design, as well as the Occupants of the property into consideration.

It is done in a very detailed Format, and the results are very accurate. It can easily be adapted and applied to the customers needs. This is also the approach and system that we at Dragon Feng Shui are using.

All the different schools of Feng shui share the basic principles of how energy moves, yin and yang the five elements and the eight trigrams. The difference is in how these principles are applied in real life.

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