House hunting Online Service


1. What you should know about our Offline consulting Service:

A. What can this service do for you

  • Save´s you the time, making appointments and try to match the parties schedules,
  • Gives you a advantage of the amount of time you will spent.
  • Makes it simple and easy, as you can go through the internet
  • You manage it in your time, when ever you have the time to spare
  • No longstanding appointments,
  • Gives you a option of checking more than one house
  • Gives you a written Report
  • No charges in hours, only a basic charge quick response
  • Can also be done on a already existing house /home /apartment

Please note: A sight Feng Shui consulting is more detailed and more precise as all aspects including the Landforms can be taken in consideration.

B. Checklist for what you should look for or be aware off if you go house hunting

Or even if you have a critical Look at your already existing House


  • Missing corners, Land shape ( square, rectangle, triangle)
  • How is the surrounding of the house ( do the plants if any look healthy lush and green, or do they look dry and dead? )
  • Is it suitable for the whole family, take your children along to the visit, watch how they feel,
  • Can you think about growing old with this house,
  • Can you feel the flow of Energies, can you feel comfortable, or do you have the feeling the Energies are stale.
  • Check out the Toilets, there should be no Toilet in the centre of the house.
  • Look at your surroundings, ask for the neighbours who are they. ( Families with children or only older/younger people, couples or single, or a nice mixture. )
  • Ask the reason for selling the house. If possible check out if the previous owner been happy or unhappy with this house.
  • Please note each house has his own energies and as a person looks for a house, a house will also attract through his energies the person.
  • Check when the house been build; which year and how long is it empty

2. We would need the following information supplied by you


  • Floor Plan/and the current lay out of your home, house, apartment you want to buy or bought / rent already ( please make sure the North –South Direction is mention on your Floor Plan )
  • Name, Gender and the Date /time of Birth of the family members who going to reside in this house
  • Specify who is the Bread winner of the house / if both working specify both
    Contact Number in your Country including Country Code
  • Full Address of your Home, House or Apartment you want to buy/rent or bought /rented already
  • Map view of the lay out plan ( Google has a site where you can download Google earth map. High light the Building /Unit where it is located exactly. ) If you are not able to do that, provide a city map and specify your house there.
  • Building year of the house /home / or whole Apartment building. In case of Apartment building also move in date.
  • Renovation/changes to the existing structure done over the years and please if possible let us know how big been the Renovation / Changes. ( for example 1/3, 2/3 or less than 1/3 of the whole Building )


Sent it to us by fax or email (jpg. File or pdf. File) Fax: +852 301 01 214

We will review your floor plans to see if there is any hidden problem foreseeable from the plan.
We will sent it back to you, with recommended basic changes/solutions based on your floor plan.

Price per floor plan ( not more than 2 Floors ) 599.00 USD


  • Simply give me a call or mail for our on site service
  • Phone:

    +491752036815 – (international Number available everywhere)
  • For Vietnam: +84909241959
  • For Singapore: +6594877289
  • Please note that if you require our Feng Shui Consultant to undertake an overseas consultation, a provision for airfares, accommodation, travel and reasonable living expenses will be included.
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How can I effect payment for this consultation service?

Credit Card/Online Service. You may either pay via credit card through our online payment system, or use a service such as Paypal.

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