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I-ching Divination

ichingMost of us recognise that we live in a changing environment. Changes that have occurred over the past years make us realise change occurs faster than ever. Events suddenly happen and influence our lives in a positive or negative way.

Sometimes there is no solution, and we find ourselves in a conflict over what to do. The I Ching method has been used for thousand of years in predicting one’s fortune or the probably outcome of a particular event. It is basically a tool for asking questions and getting answers.

With a question in mind, one can throw 3 coins six times to set up the six lines of a hexagram. Then through interpreting the interaction and relationships among the lines of the hexagram, one is able to find clues that then lead to an answer to the question.

There are 5 different kinds of methods and based on your question a different method will be used. To perform an I Ching divination, one needs to have a clear and specific question in mind.
The question should be qualified by a range of time.

Price per question : 99 USD 

By way of an example, one can ask:

  • 1. Will I become a partner of this firm in the next 3 Months?
  • 2. Will I get a salary raise this year?
  • 3. Will I get married this year?
  • 4. Will I get the job?.. etc

Online consultation available : Please provide 

  • your name
  • your birth date
  • your birth place 
  • time of birth ( if possible) 
  • country of birth 
  • and your specific question

please contact via

  • Telephone:
    Germany: +491752036815
    Singapore : +6594877289
  • Vietnam: +84909241959  or
Email: contact@fengshui8899.com

Payment : 1 question ( for more question click multiple on the add cart . )


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