Feng Shui emanates from an ancient philosophy and can be applied through a wide range of practical applications including Tai chi, the l Ching, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Light channeling, Chakra-healing, Macrobiotics, Astrology. Chi energy, Yin and Yang, the five elements and the eight trigrams, are common to all these philosophies and practices making them a binding force that together offer a complete approach to life.


Feng Shui is only one part of the Jigsaw puzzle of life. Personally I use many different things to help overcome challenges, apart from eastern practices I have also found that westerners have also different systems and some of them I use and apply. Times are changing and modern therapy and scientific research is helpful in understanding the world and mother earth.

intro2Our home and surroundings and the way we treat our Environment have a significant impact on our life. As we are all different we have different needs and different feelings about places. I have lived in different countries and homes for more than 30 years of my Life. Each of them added its own dimension to my life. Changes in my Life in 2002 and in particular moving into our new home in Germany, brought changes to other parts of my life and my family experienced our fair share of up’s and down’s.

Some of you will be probably wondering why my life would have ups and downs? With Feng Shui you are able to influence energy flows, and create space that harmonizes with the environment you live in, but everyone has to understand Life has to have both a light side and a dark side. It is like yin and yang. It has to be balanced to bring you the joy of happiness.

Wouldn’t it be boring if everything always went well, we had no worries, no opportunities to think about, decisions to make, directions you had to take? Each lesson you go through is a part of a learning process in Life.

intro3Feng Shui
 has given me a greater feeling of control over where I fit into this Life, the Environment within which I live, along with a better understanding of why various patterns of events happen in life.

Although our home would not stand out as being unusual or different, a lot of thought has gone into everything that is in it. As a result it is a special place that is tuned to provide the best possible environment for both myself and my family.

Sylvia Spurway

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