Auspicious Marriage date Consultation


For couples who have decided to take the major step of getting Married, Dragon Feng Shui’s Master Sylvia Spurway can provide a Feng Shui service such as calculating an Auspicious Date for the Wedding Ceremony to be held. To do this, we need to receive accurate information as follows:
Date & Time of Birth for bride & groom (Time of Birth Optional
Date & Time of Birth for parents & parents-in-law (Time of Birth Optional)
Preferred Time Period to get married (i.e. Jun – Aug 2016)
Preferred Day or dates you have in mind to confirm which is better
The Feng Shui Master will use various methods and software programmes to conduct a multi-faceted analysis. After the analysis is completed, we will e-mail you the details and the recommended dates to get married.


In the analysis will include the most auspicious date for you to get married and the next best alternative. If you then experience a problem booking the preferred date, we can conduct a more detailed analysis on the next best alternative date. The detailed reports will also include auspicious dates for various activities for each party (Bride, Groom and Both sets of Parents) for the time period analysed for your personal reference.

You might find the answers to some of your questions in the section below:
How long does this process take?
If complete and accurate information is initially supplied, we will normally respond initially by email within one day to confirm receipt of your request and ensure that the required information is complete, after which we generally need one week to perform the analysis and write the report in which we include our recommended dates.

Does this mean that I will only receive one suggested day/date to hold my wedding?

No. Generally speaking, most couples are lucky enough to have a choice of two or more days/dates from which to choose. The analysis that we conduct will cover every day within the chosen time period. The outcome does depend heavily on the compatibility of the couple getting married. For some couples, the analysis might only indicate one or two very good days/dates in a particular month, while for others, it might indicate three or four or even more very good dates etc. For some months, the very good dates might coincide with weekend days, whilst for other months the very good days might only coincide with weekdays. You will receive a detailed report of the analysis conducted for each month within your preferred period.

How are our Auspicious Dates Analysed?
Your Auspicious Dates are chosen based on the following factors:

  • Key Almanac influence – i.e. whether the chosen date clashes/harms / punishes with the current year. It should be noted that this is not the most important influence as this only denotes a general day’s influence, i.e. even if the day itself is good or bad, it does not mean that everyone on this planet will enjoy the same auspicious or inauspicious influence.
  • Suitability to Ba Zi – i.e. whether the day is suitable to the Ba Zi is very important, as an inauspicious Tung Shu / Almanac date does not mean it won’t benefit the person.
  • Special Significance – i.e. whether the day is like Qing Ming etc. Most people choosing wedding dates would not want to marry in the month of Qing Ming.
  • Overall Analysis – i.e. suitability to Ba Zi of one or two persons, whether any clashes, any overall significance, plus finally Tung Shu/Almanac influence. It may not be possible to find a day in which every factor is aligned positively for all parties. However, as long as the majority of influences are considered auspicious, that can be considered a very good day for the person or people concerned.

Because our auspicious day/dates analysis considers the above factors, the result of the analysis is personalised to the individual person(s), as it considers the individual Ba Zi. This means the dates are your very own individual good or bad dates. No one/two person(s) will have the same good or bad dates.

Therefore, the dates analysed for you will not necessarily match the general Tung Shu forecast, which usually does not consider the individual’s Ba Zi. Therefore, even if the Tung Shu forecast says it is a good day, but your own Ba Zi shows a clash on that day, it may not be as good as a less auspicious Tung Shu date. This holds true for wedding dates, move-in dates and dates for any auspicious events.

Are you able to analyse dates far into the future?
Yes. Say this year is 2022; we can analyse dates in 2023/2024, even as far away as 2026. We have our own system that can generate dates afar into the future

Will you provide an auspicious hour analysis for the chosen date?
Yes. We will provide you with an auspicious hour. However, sometimes the best hours may be at very odd hours (3-4am), which can be impractical. From a practical point of view, we can only conduct the additional work and give you this information after you have chosen the date you wish to use

Will the accuracy of your analysis be affected if I do not have the time of birth for my parents/parents-in-law?
No. The wedding date analysis focuses on the Bride & Groom to find the best dates for the couple. The parents/in-laws’ dates are generally used by us to provide you with an analysis to let them know what colours/elements to wear to improve their luck on that day.

I am interested in this service; who should I contact?
Our Diploma of Feng Shui Consultant, Sylvia Spurway, will conduct your consultancy.


if you need to ask any further questions before submitting your online request. To receive a written quotation, please e-mail us at

Pricing :
The price will be based on a Basic fee. The basic fee will be 188 USD for 3 Dates.


How can I affect payment for this consultation service?

Credit Card/Online Service. You may either pay via credit card through our online payment system or use a service such as Paypal. 



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