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4th July to 4th of August 2016

Hello and welcome to our July Newsletter
below you find a few tips for this month we based it this month on the flying stars. I have tried so make it as simple as possible and did not use to much specific terms related to feng shui methods. I hope you enjoy reading and have a good Month ahead of you. Do come and visit our website this month we have a free eBook for Feng Shui and Balance your life , if you sign up for our newsletter.


Southeast 1-5 This month the illness star is residing here . It will bring health problems . Try avoiding to stay to long in here . In case your bedroom is here , be aware that you might run into health problems . Be conscious and take care of your health and the health of your loved ones. You may also run into cash flow problems. Display a God of Wealth in this area to attract wealth luck. Do NOT renovate this sector this month.

South 6-1 this sector is good for financials and your career . Want to get the promotion this month , try to work here the energies enhance the changes of getting promoted. This month this sector is really lucky , enhance it with a water feature and light from Crystal stone .  If your bedroom is located here, do not enhance the bedroom with water use a nice crystal light ( Himalayan salt crystal lamp  )  . You can switch it off at night , but leave it on during the day . ( Be aware that Himalayan salt crystal lamps will melt here in Asia when in a room with no air conditioner  due the high humidity .) Those lamp are better to left on the whole day . If you use air conditioner it is ok to switch off at night )

Southwest 8-3 The yearly  prosperity star is afflicted with draining energies this month . This sector brings disagreement and stressful vibrations  with gossip . Be aware what you say in conversation , when you have a office or living room in that sector. Avoid arguments. There is a tendency for misunderstandings to arise out of nothing at all. This is also bad for children below 13 years old watch our for their safety , accidents are more likely to happen if a child bedroom is here.

East 9-4 This month is very favorable for those who are still single. This sector enhances the  romance luck for married couples  and makes you very attractive to the opposite sex. Auspicious  sector for students this month as it brings excellent examination and study luck. This sector  for this month is  much better in terms of productivity and opportunities to excel.

Centre 2-6 Having your main door or your  bedroom is in this area,  will receive unexpected windfalls and increase of opportunities in your life. This sector a good one this month . You might be lucky and heaven shines on you. As it is the center of a house or apartment keep it clean from clutter to avoid the energies getting stagnant.

West 4-8  This sector  host your lucky star 8 this month . This is the best sector this month. The prosperity star brings financial success and wealth luck to female of the household . To enhance it use a water fountain here to enhance your luck . Please check with our date selection for a good day to operate the fountain . If your hall/ living -dining area is located in this sector, you could enjoy increased income. For the  academic or literary fields  you will have a smooth and successful time. Affairs of the heart are looking good.

Northeast 5-9  Children and females might this month be a bit short tempered. Specially if the northeast sector is a living room or dining room or a public  area of the house. Avoid spending too much time in this sector as it is unlucky this month.  Blood pressure and Stress levels go up this month . Take it easy if you are prone to Blood and heart problems. Do not leave candles or stoves unattended here, as there is a danger of fire.

North 7-2 The Sector is prawn to illness this month . Be aware if your health is not so good , avoid spending to much time in there. If you have kidney problems stay out of that sector.  Young males face trouble related to office politics,  colleagues seem to have wagging tongues. Be aware of robbery of any kind , intellectual or physical .

North West 3-7 Be extremely careful this month as there are high chances of robbery and burglary. If you reside in this sector , take extra caution . Especially if your front door is located here. This applies to all households, as the burglary star has flown into the northwest of the house. Violence and blood is in the cards. Keep this place quiet and no argument. Use a Still Water Feature to calm the fiercely clashing energies here. Be careful when outside the house  be aware of your environment .  Avoid stay late night and walking alone during night time.

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2016 Feng Shui Complete Home Kit (Extravagant Edition)


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The Complete Kit comes with a detailed instruction on where to put your cures and activators in your home. This kit also include a bilingual 2016 feng shui agenda. This kit is composed of an item for each sector of your home, both cures and activators. All the metal and crystal statues, and the frames can be used again, all you do it rotate them the following year. *We can send the kit in spanish or english, let us know in a note, otherwise we will send it in english.

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