On site Commercial Industrial Building Extension

What do you need to provide us to undertake this analysis?

For an on-site consultation, an appointment date needs to be confirmed for an on-site visit to take measurements and access the Feng Shui. On this visit, you will need to have prepared beforehand and then provide our Consultant with:

  • Existing Layout Plan (if this is an off-site audit, please include the North-South compass direction indicated on the plan and/or landscape plan)
  • Photos of the building and surrounding areas. (Applicable for off-site audit)
  • Add  (optional time of birth) of director(s) and manager(s)

What are the normal steps involved?

    • 1. Our consultant will personally visit the premises on the first visit to take the measurements and do a site survey
    • 2. On the second appointed visit, the consultant will meet you and your architects to discuss a draft plan. This draft plan will include the following:
      • Facade design and colours of the building and signage
      • Proposed layout plan of the building
      • Detailed recommendations

Proposed layout plan of the building

  • 3. With the above proposal, you can then meet up with your respective project committee and architect. On confirmation of the revised plan, forward any changes to our consultant for review.
    • Prior to commencement of construction works, we  will select auspicious dates for laying of foundation, beams and roof structure
  • 4. If the project takes more than 1 year, when it is nearly 70 percent completed, please contact our consultant for another site visit.
  • 5. At anytime during the construction phase you can seek our consultant’s advice on the layout plan for the placement of furniture etc.
  • 6. Once the building is fully completed and ready for opening our consultant will contact a final visit.


The Time Frame required?

It would normally take 7 days in case of urgent 4 days

I am interested in this service, who should I contact?

Our Diploma of Feng Shui Consultant, Sylvia Spurway will conduct your consultancy. You can contact her on

Germany : +49-1752036815

 Vietnam: +84-909241959 

Singapore : +65-94877289

if you need to ask any further questions before submitting your online request.

To receive a written quotation, please e-mail us at:

Basic Consultation online 899.00 USD


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