On site or off site consultancy new business not yet moved in

What do you need to provide us to undertake this analysis?

  • Existing Layout Plan (if this is an off-site audit, please include the North-South compass direction indicated on the plan and/or landscape plan)
  • Photos of the building and surrounding areas. (applicable for off-site audit)
  • Date and (optional time of birth) of director(s) and manager(s)


As part of the consultancy you will receive the following recommendations:

  • Profile and colours for the signage
  • Auspicious dates for renovation
  • Auspicious dates to move-in
  • Proposed layout of furniture

The Time Frame required?
It would normally take 3-5 days


The following should be taken as a guide to the price that you will pay. The actual price may differ from this. We charge US$18.00 per square meters of floor space based on the floor plan you provide, or a minimum of US$699.00, whichever is higher.

Please note if a Feng Shui Consultant has to undertake an overseas consultation, a provision for airfares, accommodation, travel and reasonable living expenses will be included.

I am interested in this service, who should I contact?


  • For Germany  +49-1752036815
  • For Vietnam: +84-909241959
  • For Singapore: +6594877289

To receive a written quotation, please e-mail us at contact@fengshui8899.com

How can I effect payment for this consultation service?

Credit Card/Online Service. You may either pay via credit card through our online payment system, or use a service such as Paypal.

Basic Consultancy online : 


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