Online Consulting for the Office/Business

If you want to change your existing Office building  or workplace.

We will provide you with the best location  in your existing Office or Office building.
You want be able to change the main entrance or the Office building (only in case you own the building) but you can improve your Office space or work area in your office building


What do you need to provide us to undertake this analysis?

  • Existing Layout Plan updated (if this is an off-site audit, please include the North-South compass direction indicated on the plan and/or landscape plan)
  • Mark on the layout plan the entrance of your Office from the hall, and the door location of your office.
  • Photos of the building and surrounding areas. (Applicable for off-site audit)
  • Date and (optional time of birth) of director(s) and manager(s) staff working for you

As part of the consultancy you will receive the following recommendations:

  • Colours for the location
  • Proposed layout plan
  • Best possible direction for your facing and placement of your desk
  • Proposed interior layout plan
  • Auspicious dates to start renovation works, based on your date of birth

The Time Frame required?

It would normally take 4-5 days (if you require this urgently), otherwise 1-3 days. (fast track additional cost )



The following should be taken as a guide to the price that you will pay. The actual price may differ from this. We charge US$18.00 per square meters of floor space based on the floor plan you provide, or a minimum of US$699.00, whichever is higher.


  • Simply give me us a call or
    • Phone:

      For Germany:    +491752036815
      For Vietnam:     +84909241959
    • For Singapore:  +6594877289
  • Please note that if you require our Feng Shui Consultant to undertake an overseas consultation, a provision for airfares, accommodation, travel and reasonable living expenses will be included.

How can I effect payment for this consultation service?

Credit Card/Online Service. You may either pay via credit card through our online payment system, or use a service such as Paypal. 

Basic online consultation USD 699.00



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