Online Help for House or Apartment Rental

Looking for a Apartment or house to rent can be a battle. Let us help you. 

Are you preparing to rent a house or apartment?

The decision to rent a House or Apartment is a difficult and important decision the average person will make in life. Less critical but equally difficult is the decision to move from one rented property that you call “home” to another.

It is for this reason that at these times you need to have as much expertise as possible on your side so that when the decision is made, you won’t have to suffer the distress of finding out after it is too late that the property you rented has certain characteristics that are not good for you and your family.

The main tool that we use to evaluate your chosen property is our Floor Plan Review Service. The results of such an analysis form part of our most suitable and auspicious house facing report.

What can such a service provide that will help you?


The principal function of this service is to check for any obvious Feng Shui faults, such as:

  • Toilet in Center of House
  • Chi (Qi) Leak
  • Missing Corner
  • Suitability to Family
  • Wealth collection potential

What do you need to provide us to undertake this analysis?

Like any consultancy, the result or output will only be true and accurate if the quality and accuracy of the information that you provide our consultant, i.e. the input is good. We need clear, accurate and up-to-date information as follows:

  • Layout / Floor Plan of the want rent or rented property
  • North / South (compass) direction marked on the layout plan
  • Name, Gender, Date & Time of Birth of Family members that will live in that property
  • Identify within this information which family member is the major income earner ( If both are please give us the information for both )
  • Contact number
  • Full Address (Unit Number, Block Number etc)
  • Map view of the layout (i.e. use an online street directory, or by using Google Earth)
  • Highlight your property clearly on the map view
  • The year in which the property was built or construction completed
  • Status of the property, i.e. if it is new or second hand
  • Renovations already carried out or planned on the property
  • Any additional information you wish to provide

Notable Information

If you wish to arrange an onsite inspection of your property this can be done on a case by case basis. This is not included in the Floor Plan Review Service. This can be arranged by agreement by contacting our Feng Shui Consultant.

Please note that our Floor Plan Review Service is focused on checking for major Feng Shui faults and floors. If you would like to take advantage of our Consultant’s experience in the following matters then you would be best suited to our Private Feng Shui Consultancy Service, which is a full service A-Z consultancy designed to achieve maximum potential for all the various aspects of the family’s life. Please contact us under we will get in contact with you .

The full service consultancy includes:

  • Selecting a prosperous site or location for Appartment
  • Selecting the best orientation forAppartment to achieve maximum prosperity
  • Selecting the best unit within a row of attached or semi-detached Houses, and Apartment building, or Condominium
  • Interior design for allocation of various functions – such as bedroom, living room, study, kitchen, toilet, placement of furniture, etc.
  • Selection of appropriate rooms for different members of the family
  • Selection of appropriate color and decorative objects for each location
  • Continuous maintenance to ensure long term prosperity
  • As a tool for forecasting cyclical changes in prosperity

Download our House or Apartment Consultancy order form


I am interested in this service, who should I contact?

Basic consultation online overall look : 499.00 USD

  • Phone:

    For Germany +49-1752036815
    For Vietnam: +84-909241959
    For Singpore: +65-94877289
  • Please note that if you require our Feng Shui Consultant to undertake an overseas consultation, a provision for airfares, accommodation, travel and reasonable living expenses will be included.

How can I effect payment for this consultation service?

Credit Card/Online Service. You may either pay via credit card through our online payment system, or use a service such as Paypal.

Basic consultation online overall look : 499.00 USD


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