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Some Feng Shui suggestions for harmonizing your Home or Office

While a Feng Shui Master, or Geomancer, would need to take measurements and compass bearings to analyze a specific problem and develop a solution, you can help keep your home or office in balance by applying common sense and following some basic tips.

tip1Energy, qi, (pronounced “chi”), should flow freely through your home, (that means your house should not be cluttered at the entrance), entering through the front door and exiting out the back. Clutter, sharp angles, nooks, and crannies, and storage areas can slow down energy, causing it to become stagnant and unhealthy.

Energy should not be allowed to disappear too quickly as it then does not stay long enough to be of benefit to you.  For example if your front door and back door is aligned in a straight line, the chi will come in and go straight out. If your home or office doors are aligned in a straight line there are two remedies that you could apply.

One would be to leave the back door closed or shield it by placing a screen in front of it. Another would be to place some potted plants in the path between front and back doors to slow down the movement of the Chi. Of course you have to use common sense and the solution must be practical. It does not help if you place plants in your home or office that you fall over each time you have to go from the front to the back door!

tip2Balance is a cornerstone of happiness
. Everything from the landscape to the interior design needs to be in harmony, i.e. fit in with one another, exterior lamp poles that reflect onto the inside decorations might need balancing to generate harmonious energy.

tip3Furniture in the living room should facilitate movement and conversation. Since the living room is a Yang area, it should be used regularly and made as comfortable as possible. Some houses or apartments have a kitchen inclusive of an eating area, and most of the time the family gathers there. Then the living room will become a Yin area as it is not used frequently. In this case you should leave on the TV or Stereo at least 2 to 3 hours a day to create Yang energy.

tip4.jpgThe head of your bed should also not be placed against a window, nor should the bed stand in the middle of a room. These positions can create instability in your mind, and the feeling of instability can affect your life in a negative way.Plants are also a Taboo in the bedroom. Plants take in oxygen at night. Your sleep might be interrupted as a result of oxygen deficiency which can cause other sleep depravation symptoms to appear.

tip5The foot of a bed should not be in a direct line to the door since in ancient China the dead were laid with their feet toward the door of the mortuary to provide easier access to heaven.It will be helpful if you keep the bedroom of your children tidy at night, to ensure they get a peaceful sleep. Generally speaking it is better not to use bright colors in your children’s bedroom as this creates a strong Yang energy which might keep them from sleeping.

If you notice your child avoids his or her room, you might consider that something is disturbing your child. Children are more receptive than adults to any imbalance within their environment. Although it is a common practice, try to avoid putting a TV in any bedroom. The radiation from the TV will affect the sleep quality and general wellbeing of the persons using that bedroom over a period of time.

tip6Food represents wealth to the Chinese, and therefore the kitchen can generate general happiness. Kitchens should be balanced because of the presence of two major elements – fire, with its Yang energy, and water which is a Yin force. It is recommended that you cook your food in the kitchen with Love, and you will see your family is enjoying it more.

The extra effort made to cook instead of buying frozen food and putting it into the microwave will be rewarded. Remember you are what you eat: “if you eat healthily your body will thank you and will stay healthy, if you eat junk your body will become a junkyard”.

tip7The bathroom is the most Yin room in the house, because of the presence of water. In China the bathroom is still a room with bad energy. In my opinion if the bathroom is kept clean and the toilet lid is kept closed, the room can be an oasis for relaxation, especially when taking a bath. Yang elements such as bright colors or candles may be added to install a balance between the Yin and Yang.

It is advisable to keep the window in the bathroom open for at least twenty minutes a day to facilitate an exchange of energy. With a bit of imagination and creativity the bathroom can become an Oasis of Relaxation, which lifts up your spirit. It is fine to use scented candles and incense sticks however you should not place plants in the bathroom.

tip8Gardens create a pleasant scene. They should contain balance and have a natural look (this does not mean it should grow wild). Flowering plants will bring good luck and exhilarate your spirit when you look at them. Gardens bring you closer to nature. The trees and plants you choose reflect the Chi interaction between heaven and earth. Clutter in the form of rubbish, leaves etc. has the opposite effect.

tip9.jpgWhen working at home or from home one rule to follow is to keep your desk clean. Don’t let it get cluttered with unanswered mail, bills etc. Clutter has the effect that each time you look at your desk, it will create a unconscious headache for you, together with a feeling you never get ahead.

The chair and desk you use for working should not cause back ache or any other muscular pain. Spend some money on a good chair and a good desk. It will pay off immediately. Working in a comfortable position makes you more efficient.

If you have a question please feel free to email me. I will not be able to give you a consultation by email, but I will try my best to answer your question.

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